Work Culture

At TIVRE, people don't work for a mere job but to be a part of growing family that intends to become one of the leading business mobility solution providers in coming years. It is a family; with a common goal of leading the Mobility Wave across the nation.

As you progress from your early days you will notice this difference in stark contrast to other companies; the Open work culture, growth opportunities and self expression clearly differentiates us.

Since we are into an industry that has not been explored much, we have an early entrant advantage but along with it comes the painful journey of growth. So for surviving in such conditions, each member must have a natural affinity and alignment towards understanding latest technology and a passion to deal with challenges. Because of our aggressive growth plan each member on board must be prepared to encounter several challenges for which each individual must possess energy, conviction, flexibility, and resilience.

Our mission will give you a flavor of the challenges and excitement that any new recruit will face. In the same breath we wish to assert that while on this journey, we believe that the same must be achieved with values that we strongly believe in and which is non-negotiable.