The Tivre Philosophy

The word  (TIVRE) literally means acute or ardent; symbolising velocity and intensity or denoting being keen and intensive, but there are various subtle shades to term that are evocative of our business philosophy - Tivre also signifies acceleration and momentum.

We believe that the word (TIVRE) wholly and thoroughly represents our motto and mindset when it comes to serving the clients in today’s rapidly changing business world.

With the huge influence exerted by mobile telephony on everyday business, TIVRE is uniquely equipped to assist enterprises in leveraging this technology for their benefit.

Equipped with both the know-how and the tools to transform business problems into practical and sustainable business solutions using these converging technologies, TIVRE forms an essential link in the business processes of customers. A link that yields positive returns.

Highly focused in our approach, we at TIVRE take pride in the fact that we help our clients advance their use of digital communication technology, to drive business improvements by increasing revenues, optimizing business processes and extending their marketing reach.

In a business that enables instant reach to a wide cross-section of society, TIVRE is poised to become a beacon. In the near future, TIVRE will be seen as a path-breaking entity on all fronts - from the business back-end to the end solution.

Anti Spam

Tivre subscribes to an Anti-Spam policy. We do not send or aid in the sending of unsolicited messages, notifications or alerts from someone who has obtained access to addresses or mobile numbers by illegal means.