Global Mobile Messaging

Tivre’s messaging solutions manage all the intricacies of routing, delivering, securitising, sorting and prioritising the messaging needs and benefits of enterprise users. Our platform allows an enterprise’s employees, customers, suppliers - perhaps even share holders - to be kept current on a variety of activities, notices and actions required.

TIVRE offers a comprehensive portfolio of Global Mobile Messaging solutions that encompass reliable delivery, as well as rapid and effective deployment. The whole idea is to Increase visibility, velocity and reach across supply chains of information and assets that will facilitate an agile, responsive organisation driven by informed decision making.
Real time, on the move data access and data transfer to employees, customers, partners etc will enable your organisations to empower and control business processes efficiently and effectively.

We specialise in delivering messaging solutions for the US market and fully conform to all MMA guidelines. In addition, strong tie ups with tier one providers worldwide gives us great leverage in global markets. Our process includes registration for shortcodes, developing robust client solutions and then going live.
TIVRE’s robust Global Mobile Messaging solutions can accommodate the unique preferences of each individual customer. You can reliably and securely send messages with the competent platform that enhances customer communications and relationships.
Tivre’s global messaging aggregation services also help ensure that customers do not need to navigate the complex world of country level restrictions, carrier level restrictions or pay excessive Deposits/ penalties for connectivity in their quest for global messaging reach.