Company History

TIVRE Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. traces its origin to DNS Consultant a company established in 2005 (renamed in 2007 as DNS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.) - a provider of convergent communications solutions, with a prime focus in the areas of Digital Solutions, Mobile Software solutions and services and Mobile and online Marketing & Promotions.

Surviving in a market that has seen tumultuous swings, TIVRE has stood out from the clutter by offering consistent value for money to customers while making their businesses agile. TIVRE is today synonymous with reliable, responsible and responsive solutions and services in the digital solutions space.

Anticipating an upsurge of growth in this space, TIVRE has been quick to consolidate its offerings and offer a comprehensive range of solutions. This bold stance has yielded rich dividends for TIVRE - primarily by increasing its domain knowledge to help achieve its goals. In a relatively small period of time, TIVRE has positioned itself to emerge a winner offering end-to-end solutions and service in the digital solutions arena.

TIVRE brings with it a wealth of industry knowledge and many years of experience in the digital solutions arena.

TIVRE helps its clients exploit the communication choices of today, while ensuring that their business digital solutions will evolve with advances in technology. Making sure that our clients will always be the first to use and benefit from new opportunities, as they arise.

At TIVRE, we attribute our success to our wide range of quality deliverables. We offer the entire basket of services related to engaging and involving stakeholders (Customers, employees, partners etc) using digital media.

TIVRE is a preferred vendor for corporate clients to act as a single point source for customers in the digital solutions space.