Celerity Enterprise Applications

Tivre provides state-of-the-art solutions which can be deployed in customers’ premises to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of mobile messaging. This is a product led solution approach.

Tivre presents customers an opportunity for significant increases in productivity and performance through its Enterprise Mobility Data Infrastructure.  

Celerity Enterprise Solutions consolidates the back-end for customer across multiple platforms and devices; as well as eliminates the communication gap between various teams at the customer end. Moreover, customers can utilise multiple vendors for various services with absolutely no issues while employing Celerity Enterprise Mobility Data Infrastructure.  This leads to various powerful benefits that include lowering costs and increasing revenue. And they give actual users within the enterprise more control (rather than just the technology department).

Enterprise Mobility Data Infrastructure from Tivre assimilates business engines, hub infrastructure, communication, server and connectivity engines to form a bridge between our clients and their customers.  This helps consolidate data transfer for One Way Messaging, Two Way Messaging and Mobile Application Data (SMS/ GPRS).

Moreover, Tivre’s framework based system ensures that customers are able to choose a solution with the level of involvement that they are comfortable with from simple SMS broadcasts to the most complex core infrastructure solution.

Some of the business process accelerators supported by Celerity Enterprise Mobility Data Infrastructure include: