2 Way (MO) Messaging

Customers are turning to messaging as a preferred mode of business communications. In this context, TIVRE Mobile Messaging is an extremely critical business solution that allows time and event based updates to customers, partners and employees- locally, nationally and internationally.

Reliable delivery of short messages across mobile devices ensures convenience and accessibility. For enterprises, 2 way messaging solutions offer multifold benefits in form of reduced costs, enhanced client relationships, quick, measurable results. 2 way messaging services allow users to send an SMS to a short code, with the aim of attracting them to your business with more response driven communication.

TIVRE query & response engine supports customised 2 way messaging as part of a foolproof mobile delivery network. This enables users to respond to notifications and updates delivered to their mobile device. Our 2 way messaging services make it absolutely convenient to engage your customers, partners as well as employees. You can rely on our world-class technical support for a secure interface to track messages and view updates.

Advantages of Tivre Pull and Push